Gourmet Cotton Candy Party Favors for Private Parties and Corporate Events


Spinn Candy is a gourmet food sales and marketing company focused on processing gourmet cotton candy for the private, commercial and private label markets. Regardless of the market served our commitment is always to superior quality and customer service. 

Our specialty is producing custom cotton candy for smaller private events and being able to seamlessly switch gears and perform well on large commercial corporate and private label orders, whether one off or regular repetitive orders.

In order to produce the highest quality cotton candy we decided from the very beginning it was necessary to produce our own gourmet quality flavored sugars, adhering to the 'quality in quality out' philosophy. We have never deviated from our commitment to provide the highest possible quality.

Over the past five years we have created thousands of gourmet cotton candy party favors to the private markets and tens of thousands of prepackaged product for the brand promotion and private label markets.

Our commercial customers have included national luxury brand retail companies looking for custom flavors and labelling for their special meetings and promotions. In addition, we regularly provide custom private label cotton candy for online shopping. 

Spinn Candy makes the perfect partner for any size of order and type of private or corporate event or promotion. Although our primary market is the nyc area we regularly ship to all US locations.




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