Gourmet Cotton Candy Party Favors for Private Parties and Corporate Events

How Spinn Candy Was Started


In August 2014 I planned a carnival birthday party for my 10 year old son. How can one have a carnival birthday party without cotton candy party favors? All I had to do was buy allergen-free cotton candy! Major problem. I couldn't find it anywhere. Most of what I did find was plain blue and pink cotton candy that was pre-packaged and made in pallet quantities.

Well, that was when the journey began. My husband and I felt there was a need for a much higher quality of cotton candy for party favors. Cotton candy that not only was allergen-free but actually tasted better. It seemed as though the quality of cotton candy hadn't changed since it's inception!

Well, to make a long story short over the next 6 much we researched all types of sugars and flavoring ingredients. What we found out shocked us. Almost all commercial cotton candy is made from either 'generic' or beet sugar. Meaning nobody could warrant the quality of cotton candy because the sugar they use in their processing was of low or marginal quality. Beet sugar is grown in the ground and generic sugar is purchased through small low quality producers and or sugar brokers. So when you open a bag of typical cotton candy you have no idea what's really in it or how it was processed or refined. We felt we could do much, much better in terms of producing a cotton candy that surpassed all others in terms of contaminates, freshness, and taste and texture.

We turned our kitchen into a full blown R@D facility. Our kitchen smelled amazingly wonderful all the time. We actually purchased commercial spinners and heat sealers. Found the perfect package for freshness and heat sealing.

Most of all, we became experts on sugar quality. We tried many types and grades of sugar; and determined that in order to make the high quality we wanted we needed to purchase the highest  quality grade commercial sugar. 

So we began to test and process 100% pure cane sugar that is processed with no chemicals and preservative and that is also highly refined and was GMO free, allergen-free and gluten free. The result was astounding. Not only were we making cotton candy that was free of all food contaminates we were making cotton candy that tasted amazingly delicious. The taste and texture was so much better that people could not believe how fluffy it was.

The rest is history, so to speak. Since then we have acquired customers from all types of people and markets. We are shipping all over the nation from our facility in New Jersey in small order quantities and in bulk. We have been selling to mom's, daughters, brides to be, event planners, caterers, and high end retail and corporate clients.

We have created over 30 custom and unique flavors of cotton candy. Blue and pink are still the best sellers. We guarantee our freshness. Our high quality cotton candy makes the perfect party favor since we can provide custom colors and personalization.

Our cotton candy is more expensive; however, we feel we are filling an important part of the market that really does want a much higher quality product. Cotton candy that is custom made to order and is packaged to ensure freshness. We feel we make the absolute best quality and tasting cotton candy. Try some and thanks again for checking us out.




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