Gourmet Cotton Candy Party Favors for Private Parties and Corporate Events

Personalized Cotton Candy Wedding Favors

Spinn Candy specializes in creating custom cotton candy wedding favors that can be personalized for nyc weddings.  

Our menu of traditional and unique flavors provides brides with an unlimited choice of colors. Our 'Boozie Wedding Package' consists of five of our best alcoholic flavored cotton candy, Champagne, Pina Colada, Bourbon, Merlot and Gin Martini.

Some of our favorite cotton candy wedding flavors for the summer months are champagne (white), pink champagne (light pink) pina colada ( light yellow ), strawberry ( beautiful bright pink ), rose ( light pink ), red raspberry (light pink), merlot (light purple).

'I just wanted to personally thank you for what was a hit of a wedding favor. Everyone LOVED them and they looked awesome. You did a wonderful job and Anthony and I could not have been happier! Thank you again...' Cassandra Pabst, nyc, 7/21/2018

'Tim, the wedding was spectacular and you are correct- your cotton candy is wicked good. It is unbearably fresh and sweet and irresistable and good looking too! Thank you so much. I will recommend you everywhere. Great product and great and great customer service. A total 10!'    Wendy Rothman, 6/21/2016

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