Gourmet Cotton Candy Party Favors for Private Parties and Corporate Events

Pre-packaged Bulk Cotton Candy for Drinks and Martini's

Our gourmet cotton candy make amazing martini's for weddings and all other types of catered events. We spin with super high quality organic sugar. The preferred cotton candy martini flavors are: blue raspberry, pina colada, strawberry, and pink cherry; but all of our cotton candy flavors make delicious martini's. Our recommended package size is 2 ozs of cotton candy for each martini. You also have the option of receiving bulk cotton candy for catered events. Just contact us for bulk pricing. In the event you have arranged for a commercial spinner check out our flavored sugars.

Our favorite recipe is for a pink cherry cotton candy martini.

Take 1/2 oz. of fruit liquor (recommend Mango), add 2 ozs. of premium vodka, 1 oz of white cranberry juice and shake. Place a large portion of cotton candy( in this case cherry) into a glass; and then pour right over the cotton candy. If you want your cotton candy in bulk form just let us know.
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