Gourmet Cotton Candy Party Favors for Private Parties and Corporate Events  

Freshness Guarantee

Spinn Candy guarantees you will receive your gourmet cotton candy 100 percent fresh. Since cotton candy is affected by heat and humidity it is critical that practices are established to keep your order as fresh as possible.

Here's why Spinn Candy can make such a guarantee:

1. The cotton candy is made as close to the shipping time as possible.

2. We package the product immediately after spinning.

3. Extra thick plastic bags are used for all orders.

4. Every bag is double heat sealed, especially in the summer months.

5. All packages are carefully packed in extra heavy corrugated boxes.

6. Each box is sized for the quantity of packages ordered.

7. Every box seam is heavily tape to keep air out.

Our freshness guarantee is not an empty promise; but one backed by well established practices meant to keep as much heat and humidity away as possible. 

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