Gourmet Cotton Candy Party Favors for Private Parties and Corporate Events

Spinn Candy's How to Start Your Cotton Candy Business' Program.

Owning your own gourmet cotton candy business is a great way to earn incremental income. We have been in the business for five years and have learned how to best make money in the cotton candy business. Our 'start up' program provides everything you need, including valuable sales and pricing information, to get started quickly.

We will secure all the necessary equipment, packaging and supplies and we will train you on how to spin, package and sell to proven high profit event markets.  We will advise you on such things as permitting and other requirements. We will supply your gourmet flavored sugars so you can immediately focus on spinning and selling. We hand mix our thirty five flavors using the purest form of organic sugar and perfectly blend color and flavor to produce amazingly superior cotton candy.  

We have researched and tried many types of machines and know exactly which machines would be best suited for your needs. You also can use the Spinn Candy branding, or not, which would give you added credibility for certain markets. Our program would give you exclusivity in your market area, meaning we would not work with anyone else.

Our 'start up' fee is very reasonable and would insure a much faster start up so you can begin selling and making money faster. Please call 908.291.8190 or contact tim@spinncandy.com for more detailed information.













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