Gourmet Cotton Candy Party Favors for Private Parties and Corporate Events

'Start Your Own Cotton Candy Business', Low Capital w/ High Profits

Spinn Candy has established a startup program that pays for itself in the first few months of sales. Our program includes enough flavored gourmet sugars to generate $3000 in cotton candy sales. Contact us today about how you can get started in a fun and profitable business that all the family members can participate in.

Spinn Candy has experience in every aspect of the cotton candy business. We have had retail stores, kiosks, online shopping, event spinning, private label, commercial retail, prepackaged party and event favors and company brand marketing

Most importantly, we process our own flavored sugars with the highest quality ingredients, like ultra refined 100% pure cane granulated sugar and natural ingredients. Since we started we have added over 50 flavors to our menu. We make traditional, unique and custom flavors. Every flavor is on our menu because they sell.

Here's what we provide in our cotton candy start up program. 

1. Provide the right machine for you initial sales plans. Included are all the accessories for the machine, like the plastic hood.

2. Supply all the packaging and related supplies to include a heat sealer for prepackaged product.

3. Supply 40 pounds of our gourmet sugars in any of our 50 flavors. You can specify up to 10 flavors all in our 58 ounce container. The sugars that come with the program will make 500 servings that will generate $2000-$3000 of cotton candy sales.

4. Provide sales and marketing information to include, available markets, price points, and best social  media channels for your market.

5. Provide training via facetime on spinning and packaging.

6. Offering our gourmet sugars at wholesale pricing with no minimum quantity orders. Wholesale prices are 25% below listed retail pricing. 

7. Long term consulting as requested.

Our program is not a franchise. We charge a one time program fee that includes all the product and services listed above. So please call us at 908.291.8190 with your questions.

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