Gourmet Cotton Candy Party Favors for Private Parties and Corporate Events

Start Your Own Profitable Cotton Candy Business- 908.291.8190.

Our Cotton Candy Start Up Program  is designed to provide people with everything they need to start their part or full time business. We have established startup clients in many US and International cities and we would love to help you create your own business in your city or region.

We are experts in every phase of the cotton candy business and we feel we remove much of the risk typically associated with business startups. Our fee is extremely reasonable considering the fact that our gourmet flavored sugars, as part of the program, will negate 70-80% of the cost of the program. It is a 'win-win' program.

Our program includes one mid size machine and related accessories, 100 pounds of flavored sugars ( enough for 1000-1500 servings which will sell for ana average of $4.00 each), packaging and supplies, wholesale pricing on future sugar purchases, training, sales and marketing advice and information and long term consulting.

We are looking for people who are interested in full time commitment. The time from when we complete an agreement to when you can actually start selling is 30 - 45 days. Please call us at 908.291.8190 to discuss your interest and our qualifications. 





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