Gourmet Cotton Candy Party Favors for Private Parties and Corporate Events

What Makes Spinn Candy Cotton Candy So Much Better.

Everything Spinn Candy does is based on you receiving the absolute best tasting and freshest cotton candy possible. 

1. Every custom cotton candy order is made as close to the shipping date as possible. Many orders are processed the same day it ships.

2. Our gourmet product is hand spun using the very best commercial grade organic sugar.

3. Every cotton candy package is filled immediately after spinning and then  double heat sealed in clear plastic bags which are extra thick promoting a better barrier against air and moisture.

4. Since we make our own flavored sugars you are assured of the very best flavor and color.

5. Your custom order can be personalized for special parties and events.

6. We have thirty-five traditional and unique cotton candy flavors.

7. We box all packages snugly to displace as much air as possible. Our boxes are extra heavy to minimize possible shipping damage. 

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