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Gourmet Cotton Candy

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Hand Spun in New Jersey



  1. Our product is fresher because it is hand packed immediately after it is produced.
  2. Our gourmet cotton candy tastes better because we use higher quality and more refined ingredients.
  3. Our product has an extended shelf life since our product is packed in a 4 mil thick metallized package providing a 95% barrier protection against moisture and air. 
  4. Our product is easy to display with our bottom gusseted stand up pouch design.
  5. Our shipping costs are much lower into the New York City area markets.
  6. Our shipping time is shorter since we produce in New Jersey.
  7. Our metallized package is generously packed with 4 servings of pink and blue cotton candy. 
  8. Each bag is both zipper closed and heat sealed.
  9. We only produce cotton candy eliminating any risk of peanut or other nut contamination.

Every 4 oz package of our premium cotton candy is packed with 2 flavors, Pink Cherry and Blue Raspberry. Please note our 4 oz. package size is 50%-100% larger than most other cotton candy product, providing the best value on a per oz. basis. The actual dimensions of our 4 oz bag are, 11" tall x 7 " wide x 3" deep at the gusset.

SpinnCandy's premium cotton candy is the most delicious  cotton candy on the market today. We are confident that your retail customers will agree. We look forward to you becoming a wholesaler of Spinn Candy. If you have any questions please contact us or call Tim, Chief Spinner, at 908.291.8190.


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