Gourmet Cotton Candy Party Favors for Private Parties and Corporate Events

Bulk Prepackaged Cotton Candy Offered In 40 Custom Flavors for Special Events and Resale

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Spinn Candy specializes in producing bulk prepackaged cotton candy for large nyc corporate events, store resale and fundraisers. You can choose from any of our over 40 custom flavors and our pre-packaged cotton candy can be personalized with custom labels.

Only Spinn Candy guarantees freshness and delivery. Contact us for bulk pricing at 908.291.8190. Minimum 10 packages per flavor.

Our gourmet cotton candy is 100% allergen free and made with the highest quality ultra fine 100% pure granulated sugar and our crystal clear 1.5 ounce packages are double heat sealed for extra protection against air and humidity. 

If you want to make your own cotton candy you also can buy any of our 60 gourmet flavored sugars online at  www.cottoncandysugarfloss.com. 


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