Gourmet Cotton Candy Party Favors for Private Parties and Corporate Events
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Prepackaged Cotton Candy, Fresh and Fast for NYC Events, Bulk Pricing 908.291.8190.


Spinn Candy is a specialty producer of bulk gourmet cotton candy that can be ordered in any of 50 traditional and custom flavors for nyc private events, product promotions,  large staged events and private label. Please call 908.291.8190 for fast turnaround and bulk pricing. 

Our organic cotton candy is processed with the highest grade commercial grade sugar, ultra refined pure cane granulated and is gmo, gluten, soy, dairy and allergen free. 

Spinn Candy produces its own gourmet flavored cotton candy sugars guaranteeing your custom cotton candy will have consistently superior taste and texture. You can buy our gourmet sugars online in 50 custom flavors at www.cottoncandysugarfloss.com. 

Only Spinn Candy offers such an expansive menu of gourmet cotton candy flavors plus we produce custom flavors, colors and packaging for special themed events. Order your party favors online or call for bulk pricing and custom flavors. 908.291.8190. 

Spinn Candy delivers fresh cotton candy to all US locations, to include, Brooklyn, Long Island, NYC, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas, Wash DC, Philadelphia and San Diego. 

Our unique Starting Your Own Cotton Candy Business  program is a successful startup program for people interested in owning a small but highly profitable cotton candy businessCall for detailed information, 908.291.8190 or email tim@spinncandy.com.

Wendy R., New York City,"The wedding was spectacular and you are correct your cotton candy is wicked good. It is unbearably fresh and sweet and irresistible and good looking too. Thanks so much. I will recommend you everywhere. Great product and great service. A total 10!"


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