Gourmet Cotton Candy Party Favors for Private Parties and Corporate Events

Gourmet Cotton Candy Favors, Delivered Super Fresh for Private and Corporate Events


Spinn Candy specializes in bulk prepackaged gourmet cotton candy favors for nyc brand promotions, trade shows and other private events, such as, weddings and bar mitzvahs. Spinn Candy offers you guaranteed freshness, customized branded personalized labels, fast turnaround and bulk pricing. SC advantage.

Our gourmet cotton candy clients include national brands companies, such as, Prada, Victoria's Secret, Sony Entertainment, Price Waterhouse, SiriusXM  and more. For fast turnaround and bulk pricing call 908.291.8190.

Spinn Candy also markets to specialty retailers interested in private label cotton candy product. This would include candy stores, gourmet food stores, and regional grocery stores.

Spinn Candy custom cotton candy party favors are processed with ultra refined organic sugar and are gmo, gluten, vegan and allergen free, including peanut and peanut tree free

Our menu of fifty traditional and unique cotton candy flavors is perfect for all types of corporate and themed events. We hand blend our own flavored sugars which you can buy online at  www.cottoncandysugarfloss.com. 

Our successful Starting Your Own Cotton Candy Business  program is for people interested in owning their own businessStarting a cotton candy business requires a low upfront investment. Call us for detailed information, 908.291.8190 or email tim@spinncandy.com.

Shipping fresh cotton candy to all US locations: Brooklyn, NYC, Manhattan, Philadelphia, Boston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, San Francisco, Miami.

Wendy R., New York City,"The wedding was spectacular and you are correct your cotton candy is wicked good. It is unbearably fresh and sweet and irresistible and good looking too. Thanks so much. I will recommend you everywhere. Great product and great service. A total 10!"


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