Gourmet Cotton Candy Party Favors for Private Parties and Corporate Events
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Specializing in Gourmet Prepackaged Cotton Candy, Unique Flavors


Spinn Candy specializes in prepackaged private label cotton candy in 40 traditional and unique flavors for candy stores, gourmet food stores, private label sales and large corporate events. If own a candy store adding cotton candy will increase your store revenue by 30%. 

We can make any custom cotton candy flavors for special parties and events. Plus we guaranteed our freshness and offer package options. We also can provide  fast turnaround and bulk pricing. 

You also can buy online our gourmet sugars at www.cottoncandysugarfloss.com.

All of our premium cotton candy is hand spun with the highest grade commercial sugar and natural ingredients and is gmo, gluten and allergen free to include peanut and peanut tree free.

All of our packages are double heat sealed and made the same day we ship and is guaranteed to arrive fresh and stay fresh for 3 weeks when properly stored. Cotton candy doesn't like air and humidity so it's important to keep it in the shipping box as long as possible and in a reasonably cool place. 

If you own a retail store the more flavors you offer the more sales you will enjoy. People love to buy unique flavors for the best cotton candy experience. Flavors like smoked bacon, hot chili, whiskey and pink champagne are different flavors that sell well regionally, like Texas.

We have owned our own retail stores and you not only have the foot traffic sales but you have the opportunity to promote unique flavors for all types of party favors, like, birthdays, graduations, bar and bat mitzvahs and more. 

BULK ORDER PRICING. Bulk pricing on all minimum orders of 100 or more packages please call 908.291.8190 or use our Quote Request form.

START YOUR OWN COTTON CANDY BUSINESS. Spinn Candy has a proven, low cost startup program that includes 100% of what you need to get started in a fun and profitable business. We are experts in all phases of the cotton candy business and we also hand blend all of our gourmet sugars. Whether full or part time using our startup program guarantees a faster startup and allows you to purchase our full line of sugars at wholesale prices. Call 908.291.8190 or email tim@spinncandy.com for program details.


Wendy R., New York City,"The wedding was spectacular and you are correct your cotton candy is wicked good. It is unbearably fresh and sweet and irresistible and good looking too. Thanks so much. I will recommend you everywhere. Great product and great service. A total 10!"


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