At Spinn Candy our whole focus is having you receive gourmet quality cotton candy 100% fresh. Below are the practices behind our freshness guarantee.

First, your cotton candy favors are made from the highest quality sugar and ingredients. So you will experience cotton candy with super soft texture and superb flavor.

Second, our product is hand spun and immediately packaged after it is made. We use the best heat sealable packages and double heat seal each package. Each package's heat seal is checked during boxing.

Third, our boxes are custom ordered to our 'freshness' specifications. These special boxes are heavier and coated to protect the cotton candy against shipping damage and humidity.

Fourth, your packages are carefully boxed in a way to insure the packages arrive just as we packed them and that substantially displaces the air in each box. Finally, we hand tape all the box seams. 

Our freshness guarantee is backed up not by a 'hope and a prayer' but by well defined process procedures that insure you and every customer get what they pay for, super delicious and super fresh gourmet cotton candy event favors.