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Flavored Cotton Candy Sugars for Commercial Machines

Posted on March 29, 2017 | 0 comments
Spinn Candy has created over 30 flavors of cotton candy sugar for commercial machines. You can order our sugars in three container sizes the twelve ounce, the 64 ounce, and the 168 ounce. You can order from our cotton candy sugar website www.cottoncandysugarfloss.com. Our sugars are from the highest quality commercial grade organic sugar which is ultra refined. Since cotton candy is 99.9 percent sugar we only use the very best which results in an amazingly soft texture and taste. Our sugars are peanut and peanut tree free. If you have any questions email tim@spinncandy.com or call 908.291.8190. You can see additional information on our flavored sugar page.
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