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How to Start Your Own Cotton Candy Business

Posted on September 24, 2018 | 3 comments

We recently started an exciting program for people wanting to start their own cotton candy business. Our program, announced Sept 1st, is being well received with three parties signing up.

Our start up program is a comprehensive that includes all equipment purchases and training, sales and marketing plans for events and prepackaged cotton candy and the purchase of our unique line of gourmet sugars. 

Starting a cotton candy business is requires low capital investment, can be done part time from your home and is highly profitable; especially with someone that has a strong community network of friends.

Our line of gourmet sugars provides a strong competitive advantage in terms of the number of flavors and the quality of the flavored sugars. Our flavored sugars spins super soft and fluffy cotton candy and is 100 percent allergen free.

Please call us today for more information. 






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