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Importance of Using High Quality Sugar for Premium Cotton Candy

Posted on March 30, 2017 | 0 comments

Most people think, 'well sugar is sugar'. Thats what we thought before we did the research on cotton candy sugar before we started Spinn Candy. Once we understood the quality of sugar used varied greatly we implemented a thorough test using five types of sugar commonly available for the processing of cotton candy.

The results were startling. We tested both the sugars and the commercial cotton candy sold in convenience and large chain stores, like Walmart. Without exception every package of cotton candy had a very strong granular aftertaste and virtually no shelf life. From our research we determined that the cotton candy we tested(tasted) was made from the very cheapest of sugars, either generic or beet sugar. These cheap grades of commercial sugars we discovered are processed with chemicals and preservatives and the sugar granular is very large, resulting in the strong aftertaste.

We saw the opportunity to market a line of both premium sugars and premium cotton candy; and the decision was made to create our own high quality line of unique flavored sugars and cotton candy. We will not disclose our sugar specification only to say it is the best organic sugar available and is processed with no preservation or chemicals and is 100% allergen, GMO, and gluten free. Our commitment to quality goes to the core of everything we do in our business. We believe our sugars and cotton candy is the very best on the market. Everything we do from making our own sugars, to hand spinning, to high quality packaging and shipping materials sets us apart.









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