The color most commonly associated with femininity and charm, pink has long been a powerful signifier. A combination of red and white, this pretty mixed shade boasts strength well beyond what immediately meets the eye.

From flowers (think roses, dahlias, peonies and magnolias…) to treats (think bubble gum, taffy, cotton candy and milkshakes…); branding tactics (think Victoria’s Secret, breast cancer awareness and fragrance ads) to pop culture (think, well, PINK); the arts (think ballet slippers, leotards, tights and tutus) to animals (think the graceful and elegant flamingo); variations of this stunning shade are nothing if not sophisticated symbols for everything from sweet beauty to compelling campaigns.

Pink evokes both innocence and seduction, representing youth as well as womanhood. It starts with Barbie and, as adolescence morphs into teen terrain and beyond, ladies equate pink with lipstick, nail lacquer, blush, lingerie, perfume bottles, handbags and even diamonds. It’s the color of luxury, but wholly accessible to anyone and everyone when communicated through pink cotton candy.

That’s why SpinnCandy is proud to offer our customers five unique shades of pink cotton candy for brand promotions and special events. Whether you’re seeking a faint  pink for a young girl’s birthday or a baby shower, sexy pink for a bachelorette bash, glamorous pink for a product launch, romantic pink for a Valentine’s Day surprise or brilliant pink for an awards show after party, SpinnCandy can deliver the perfect shade of pink cotton candy for your party or event.

In addition, we’re at the ready to help develop the distinct pink cotton candy necessary to match any marketing platform or promotional plan. We can brand our packaging with your logo or whatever wording and imagery the occasion calls for, to make your event — be it intimate or grand scale, public or private — that much more memorable.

When thinking pink, think SpinnCandy’s pink cotton candy.