Spinn Candy makes the very best custom cotton candy favors because we handcraft 100 percent of our own gourmet flavored sugars. Your custom party favor order is not only hand spun, it is hand spun from premium flavored sugar floss we make from the highest quality ingredients, like ultra refined pure cane organic sugar.

The granule size of our premium flavored sugar is ten times smaller than regular sugar. The sugar is processed with no preservatives or chemicals and is the purest form of granulated sugar. It is the same sugar that the finest bakeries and restaurants use for their gourmet food products. Your guests will experience gourmet cotton candy that is amazingly soft and fluffy with flavor unmistakable to it's name.

For example, our Pink Champagne gourmet cotton candy is made from 80 percent natural sparkling wine flavoring and 20 percent natural Rose flavoring. You can choose from over forty traditional and custom flavors all made fresh for your event. Our price is higher than commercial packers but we feel it is worth it.

We ship to all US locations. In addition, you can also buy our gourmet flavored sugars online at www.cottoncandysugarfloss.com. If you are thinking of starting your own cotton candy business please check out our 'Start Your Cotton Candy Business' page.