Spinn Candy is now making it's metallic package of gourmet cotton candy available to all types of concession sales venues. This jumbo package of premium cotton candy holds 3.0 ounces of the 2 classic flavors, Blue Raspberry and Pink Cherry.
Spinn Candy cotton candy is both gluten and allergy free. Our summer themed metallic package of cotton candy is ideal for summer resorts, summer camps, amusement parks, water parks, zoo's, and more. This well designed high gloss metallic package is also perfect for all types of food and convenience stores. Wholesale pricing for orders of 500-10,000 per month.
The key is the superior shelf life, 2 flavors, and large portion. The metallic package is 4 mils thick with a zipper closure, hole punch and is heat sealed. The shelf life is a minimum of 6 months. Package size is 11" tall x 6.5" wide with 3" bottom for stand up.

There is no other cotton candy package comes even close to our quality, portion size, package integrity, package design, graphics, and shelf life. The Spinn Candy commercial metallic package of cotton candy is absolutely superior in every way. Opportunity for 100 % plus mark ups.

*Bottom Gusseted Metallic Package * 6 Month Shelf Life * Zipper Closure * 4 Ounce Portion * Fun, Carnival Themed Graphics * 2 Classic Boardwalk Flavors * Gluten and Allergy Free * High Profit